A Strategic Resource in the Legal Industry

As a commercial transactions and projects lawyers, Bill was known for his practical and pragmatic approach. It was about getting the job done on time and in a cost effective way. Bill accepted the responsibility to find solutions , not just point out potential problems. The level of trust and respect Bill earned from his peers was an asset to his clients in helping them advance their objectives.

As a law firm leader, Bill was understated yet confident and effective. His analytical ability and his insight in respect of people and situations equipped him to see both the big picture and the land mines along the way. Leadership involves knowing what to do , having the courage to do it and the skill to do it artfully. A good sense of humour will prove invaluable from time to time.

As a consultant and advisor, Bill endeavours to call upon both his instincts and experiences for the benefit of his clients. He is comfortable in both lead and support roles, in the foreground and in the background. Bill measures his own success through his ability to contribute to the success of others.

Outside of the day job, Bill enjoys playing guitar, scuba diving, spending time in the mountains hiking and cross country skiing, golfing (in the running for "most improved" this year), and learning more about Lego and Ipads from the grandkids.

Values and Approach